Welcome to your future!! My name is Curtis AKA “The Cash Flow Soldier“. Before we get to deep into the woods, let’s look at some examples of cash flow. Are you excited yet? How can you not be. If you stick with us and follow some of the blue prints that we have field tested in the past, you will be positive cash flowing in no time. Use the tools we provide you here, through networking, to kick start your successful journey to financial freedom. If you are like many of us, you were not financially educated during your first 12 years of education. Trust me I know the feeling. After high school, with the help of my dad, I acquired my first two credit cards. Within in days, both cards were maxed out and destroying my credit worthiness. I was knee deep in debt. It took me several years to recover and get my credit score up high enough to brag to my peers. And bragging is all I did, because I had no idea how to use my 800 credit score. With a little due diligence and a can do attitude, we are now well on our way to controlling our destiny through financial freedom.


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Currently we are Active Duty Service members navigating our way through various real estate transactions. Most of our personal experiences are VA related although we are well connected with conventional investors and agents. Trust me when I say, if you have a scenario I bet we can help you navigate it in your favor.

I decided to start this website when a buddy of mines brought it to my attention that nearly everyone he spoke with about the VA home loan, had no idea what they were entitled to. Then I thought to myself, “what if veterans aren’t the only ones in the dark?” So here we are!

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