What is your worth?

What exactly is wealth? According to the dictionary, wealth is happiness. Let’s look at the definition of wealthy. Did you see the difference? Two seemingly similar words with almost completely different definitions. One easier to obtain over the other….right? So they may lead you to believe. But in fact, you can be wealthy and happy sooner than you my believe. Let’s look at a few scenarios.

First we have John. John is a college educated manager for a well know chain of hotels on the lower east side of Manhattan, in New York City. Wow, the Big Apple. John loves his work and doesn’t see himself leaving the industry any time soon. John lives around his work for the convenience of walking to work daily. John rents his home for $3500 a month. He makes plenty so this does not affect John at the moment. John also has student loans that he will be paying until he is 40 (but he doesn’t know this yet). John has a nice BMW 7 series, a girl friend, 2 dogs and a goldfish. Let’s not worry to much about the goldfish.

Next we have Samantha. Let’s call her Sam for short. Sam has a high school diploma which is good enough for most jobs. Sam is a 30 year old single mom who loves to travel. Her kids are home schooled and also loves to travel and spend time with mom. They get plenty of quality time together because Samantha doesn’t work, at least not in the traditional way. Sam has 2 vehicles, a boat, a vacation home and a 3200 square foot home in Dallas Texas.

Some of us may see where this is going. Why in the world would anyone prefer John’s situation of Sam’s? The sad thing is, many of us have chosen to live like John and we don’t realize it. John was raised by hard working parents who were unable to equip John with the proper tools that would allow him to enjoy life as it should be enjoyed. Sam on the other hand, had financially savvy aunts and uncles around her 24/7. Her parents worked and left her with family all day. Sam’s aunt and uncle used the time they had with her to educate her financially. They showed Sam why her parents would never have time for her, with out directly saying it of course. This motivated Sam to read and equip herself for financial freedom.

This scenario is an example of how most of us do not realize our true worth. With early intervention and motivation, the sky is the limit. If you take the time to understand where your money is going and what your money can do for you, a whole new world will appear. Yes, it will take time but where do you see yourself in 10 years? Will you be working to pay the rent? Or will you be making money while you sleep! You decide….

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