Financial Freedom

What are you building?

Where does your loyalty lay? Is it with the bank that charges you ridiculous amounts of interest over your lifetime. Is it with the school system that grooms you to take on student loans than an undesirable job to pay back the loan for 20 years. Is it your 9 to 5. The same 9 to 5 that consumes your entire adult life. The 9 to 5 that leads you to believe a pension is the answer to all of your problems. The same 9 to 5 that pays you $100 only to allow the government to take $50 in tax, social security, consumer tax, health insurance…etc. I’ll tell you where mines lay, and that’s in myself!! I am determined to continue building on the foundation I poured while on my path to Financial Freedom. But what is Financial Freedom? Is it being able to afford all the luxuries that you ever desired? Is it buying that new 2020 truck you seen on television? If so, most of us have already achieved our goal and need not continue our search for knowledge. Go grab a beer and relax! Unfortunately, that beer just helped ruin your future because it just became a liability. You spent $11.95 on that case of beer, plus tax. $12 which could have been used in the future, to help reach the true goal.

The Cashflow Soldier

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